my perspective.


My “deep well perspective healing” approach in depression is exactly that: it is mine. It represents my own personal approach to overcoming the oppression in this disorder. I want to make clear that my approach is an approach and should NOT be interpreted as the approach. Personally, I don’t believe such an approach exists.

In my experience having lived with this disorder, and based on many months counseling and personal research, I’ve learned that there is no magical cure for this disorder. And unlike enduring a physical fracture, major depression is not so easily diagnosed. Therefore, the most effective treatment methods can be difficult to determine due to the intangible, mental nature of this disorder.

What I do know however, is that my approach to overcoming depressive symptoms is characterized by two very important fundamentals: it is proactive and it is responsible.

My approach is proactive because it requires that you accept the condition that you must do the work in order to put your journey to healing into motion. It is responsible because it requires you to accept full ownership of the very choices, and resulting consequences, that you not only make, but have made in your life. It requires you to be responsible for your own life.

I offer my approach to healing in depression

I can speak from experience that the journey toward achieving liberation from depressive symptoms is not easy. There are no short cuts and there will be significant challenges along the way. But my promise to you is that if you are prepared to pay the price for your freedom from this mental disorder, from its debilitating symptoms, then I assure you there is hope and there is a way out.

Although I may not know your personal circumstances, your trials and tribulations, I strongly believe that no matter how hopeless you perceive things to be in your life, there is hope. There is always hope. I am offering you hope in my writing, in the form of an approach that has helped me to overcome the debilitating symptoms of major depressive disorder.

I believe that the secret to success in overcoming depressive symptoms lies in an unconditional freedom that you and I, and every other person on this planet innately possesses: the freedom of choice. You own the power to make choices in your life, under any circumstance, and you have the freedom to leverage this power proactively and responsibly.

I invite you to G.E.T. Healthy! Together, we can crush stigma in mental illness.