establish perspective


Stage 2: Establish perspective: Establishing perspective is the second progressive stage in the healing process. It requires that we leverage the knowledge we gain in the first stage, to help establish a proactive and responsible process of thinking in this second stage of my G.E.T. Healthy! approach.

My perspective of depression…

It is difficult to explain in words what it was like to live with depression. The best way I can describe my personal experience in this disorder is in the figurative context of being trapped inside a deep well.

It feels like you are immersed in darkness, treading the still, black water in the depths.

You feel alone and detached from the outside world, uninterested in its events. Ill-conceived notions about your life’s circumstances pull you under as you struggle to stay afloat. The problems and challenges you face in your life are magnified by distorted perception, so large that they appear insufferable.

You feel overwhelmed within the tight confines of the walls that incapacitate you. Sometimes it becomes a struggle to carry out the most basic functions of daily living, like eating, sleeping and at times, breathing. Unresolved symptoms of this mental disorder intensify and contaminate how you think and what you believe about yourself and the world around you.

In this place, you feel hopeless. So much so that with clouded perception, you question your own significance in life. It is in this contaminated mindset that your cognitive ability to distinguish between rational and irrational thinking fades, leading to impaired judgement when contemplating ways to make the suffering stop.

It is in this state, void of a healthy functioning cognitive defense system, where the unthinkable becomes thinkable.

…this is what that ‘dark place’ in depression means to me.