weeds of damaging beliefs.

Anatomy of the Deep Well of Depression

If you look closely at the person treading the water, he has gripped in hand what looks to be weeds stemming from the bottom of the well. I call these weeds of damaging beliefs, which symbolize a person’s belief system in a state of depression.

The weeds that the man is holding in the picture represent a contaminated system of beliefs owing to his mental anguish. These are beliefs that he struggles with on a daily basis and as long as he has them gripped in hand, he will remain submerged in the dark water of despair.

In my own personal experience in this disorder, I had gripped in hand unhealthy beliefs about myself, particularly about how I thought I was being perceived by those around me. I reached a critical point in my depressive episode when I was convinced, with my weeds of damaging beliefs gripped tightly in hand, that my family was better off without me. Without them, there was nothing left for me. It wasn’t until I rleased my grip on these damaging weeds that my journey in healing could begin.