Anatomy of the Deep Well of Depression

In the figurative deep well of depression, there exists a tiny beam of sunlight that stretches down from the surface of the well. The beam of light originates from the sun which represents the blessings in our lives. It stands for everything that gives our life meaning and value.

Radiating from the sun’s rays is warmth, and in this figurative context, it symbolizes the intensity of appreciation that we have for life’s blessings. The intensity of heat radiating from the sun is strongest at the top of the well, and weakest at the bottom of the well. The only evidence of good in your life from this perspective of treading the dark water of despair is a tiny beam of sunlight stretching down the length of the well.

This beam can be hardly noticeable when one’s face is submerged in this ‘dark place.’ It can be difficult to appreciate the good in your life when submerged in the dark water of despair.