cover of the well.

Anatomy of the Deep Well of Depression

Notice in the diagram the cover leaning against the opening of the well. It symbolizes that you are never truly trapped in this disorder, even though it may feel so.

The reasoning is as follows: think about your disorder in the context of why you are struggling with depression. There may be a single reason or many. Depression is a disorder of the mind that develops, and is not something you choose to have. In the context of the deep well of depression, you do not consciously choose to remove the cover of the well and jump in. Rather, it is a malfunction of your mental health. This disorder is not a function of conscious effort. It is not a choice.

Another reason why you are never truly trapped in this disorder is because of the supporters that are positioned on top of the well holding the rope of support. They are standing by the opening of the well available to help you in their respective capacities. No one wants to see you fail in this disorder. That is, your supporters will always ensure that the well remains uncovered in hopes that someday you will find the strength to climb out. In other words, that  you will find the strength to overcome your mental oppression.