‘depression’ is measurable.


Depression is measurable

I have learned in my research that there exists a checklist of symptoms that health professionals use when diagnosing depression and determining its severity. I have also learned of the different treatment options that are available for those who struggle with this disorder, such as psychotherapy (i.e. analyzing feelings and emotions, internal belief systems) and prescription medication (i.e. anti-depressants).

Unlike the healing functionality of a cast for a broken bone, the use of anti-depressant medication does not provide a healing functionality, rather it is a treating function. Based on my own personal experience with depression, I believe that the actual healing process in this disorder is ultimately the patient’s responsibility. The challenge is how?

There is a vast network of support available to those struggling with depression: medical professionals, mental health resources, peer support, family and friends, and so on. But it is the patient who must consciously choose to utilize these resources, to extract from them the healing functionality in overcoming depressive symptoms.

Based on my own personal experience in healing in this disorder, it is the patient who must be proactive and responsible in his or her illness. The patient must do the work.