‘depression’ is complex.


Depression is very complex

I made it a personal mission to try and understand as much of this disorder as I could, and I’ve learned from my research efforts that this depression is a very complex and complicated illness. After I came to the realization that I was struggling with a mental disorder, I didn’t at that time appreciate the severity of my condition. This is because it was not clearly measurable. Based on my research and discussions with my doctor, I have learned that diagnosing, treating and healing sickness of mind (i.e. depression) is not as straight forward as it is in sickness of body.

There is no x-ray technology that can pinpoint the precise reason as to why and how a person feels the way they do. When one is diagnosed with cancer, the first logical question that would come to mind is, how far along is it? Or, how bad is it? Medical tests will not only determine the stage in which the cancer is in, but will point medical professionals to the best treatment options for the patient.

Furthermore, there is no particular treatment or drug that can heal a broken mental state in the same manner that a cast can heal a broken arm, or a chemotherapeutic drug can eliminate cancer cells. In both of these physical references, the patient is fully aware of her symptoms, and remains fully dependent on external response mechanisms (i.e. a cast or prescription medication) to treat and heal the physical ailment.

The science of human anatomy is generally consistent from person to person, albeit gender differences, however, belief systems and thought processes can differ greatly from one person to the next. This results in significant challenges for mental health professionals when diagnosing depression and determining its severity. As a consequence, there is no clear test that determines what the most effective method of treatment for patients suffering from this mental disorder.