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This book is ideal for anyone touched by mental illness. Whether you are a person suffering with depression; or a concerned supporter of a loved one or friend who may be struggling with their mental health, “A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression” offers a proactive, responsible and non-medicinal approach to healing. This book is based on a single, fundamental truth: there is hope, always.

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A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression
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by Kelli G on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression
Insightful. Relatable. Possible.

I am so very impressed with this book! Jamie's insightfulness surrounding depression is refreshing and real because he goes right to the dark and ugly heart of mental illness and offers no platitudes. Right from the beginning, it's obvious that this book is for those who want to WORK on their recovery from depression. I will share it wherever I can in hopes that someone will be fortunate enough to read it and maybe change their life.

by Francine Bernard on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression

First of all, I would like to congratulate Jamie for finding hope and strenght in his darkest days to share with his readers his journey to healing. I personally admire his desire to help others and his "never give up" attitude. This book provides to it's readers a step by step process on how to overcome depression as well as lots of personal and raw stories....very touching. This book is very reader friendly and engaging to it's readers from the begining. A perfect book for anyone dealing with depression or anyone who knows someone struggling with depression...It makes so much sense, make sure to buy the book.

by Lyanne on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression
BUY this book!

  1. This book is a fantastic read and is very well written. I enjoyed reading this book as I found it easy to understand and follow. The author does a great job at capturing the reader while sharing his own personal journey with depression. This book is touching but yet a gift of HOPE for anyone touched by depression.You will NOT be disappointed.

by Review on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression
A great tool for helping people affected by depression

This book is a fascinating read. I consider it to be critical tool in my own healing. The author uses his own experience with major depression and combines this with other research to provide others to an easy to read guide that provides clear actions and guideposts which help people with depression climb out of their deep wells. Also very useful for the families of these individuals. You get a clear sense early on that Mr Dooks is on a mission to help others who are affected by depression. To me it's a life changing book that can literally change lives for the better.

by Rev. S.Anderson on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression

First I would like to commend Jamie for addressing the topic of depression, such addresses help break down perceived barriers in our culture. What stands out for me was Jamie's openers and transparency concerning his own personal experience with depression. This gives the book great weight and will strike a clear note with it's readers. A clear definition of depression is given which is so necessary and takes away the ambiguity of the subject and the confusion that that can promote. The deeper well concept is a very helpful way to visualize the often complex nature and challenge that come with depression. Finally, I found the action steps were ones that leave the reader with clear and tangible steps towards healing. Thank you Jamie for sharing your life, experience and insight on this important subject.

by Facebook Review on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression

Jamie’s story is raw and at times painful to hear, but through the darkness of this experience Jamie, with the help of a supportive family, was able to climb out of this dark well, and is sharing his unique approach to healing in depression.

I strongly encourage anyone suffering from depression, or with a family member who is suffering, to invest the time and read Jamie’s extraordinary story, and learn about the steps that can help you heal in depression and take back your life.

by Review on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression
Highly Recommend!

This book is a detailed step by step road map on how the author, through hard work and determination, was successful in healing from depression. His powerful message of hope will motivate and inspire those suffering from this debilitating disorder to take control and press ahead to achieve recovery.

by Jewell on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression
A ‘Deep Well’ Perspective for Healing in Depression

Courageous and powerfully honest, Jamie takes readers into his darkest hours, then skillfully illuminates the guideposts he used to find his way out. The effect is profound and paradigm shifting. I highly recommend this book for anyone living in depression. Jamie builds a steadfast case for hope page after page. This book is an equally important read for those of us who work, know, live and/or love people living with mental illness, because it’s only when we know better that we can do better. I know better for having read this book and you will, too.

by Review on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression

I would recommend this book to anyone who suffers from depression or has been touched by it.

The opening chapter immediately draws you in, giving you a glimpse into the author's raw and emotional journey as he battles this illness and eventually reaches out for help. It really sets the stage for the remainder of the book which outlines his 7 action steps to overcoming the symptoms of depression.

While the subject matter in this book is deep, I found it to be an easy read. The information and steps the author presents are easy to follow and you'll find yourself saying, "yes, that makes complete sense to me" and "wow, that's the perfect perspective to look at that from", a lot.

This is a really great book. If you have depression and are looking to heal, and/or if you are trying to understand what a loved one is going through so you can help, BUY THIS BOOK.

by Review on A Deep Well Perspective for Healing in Depression
Amazing and Hope Inspiring

I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is battling with a mental illness. Jamie gets personal but also makes educated analysis' based on research and life experience. As you read the book, I promise you will feel entranced, engaged and hopeful. I lost my father to suicide 9 years ago and I think if he had had such a strong, and brave male role model like Jamie and his book to help guide him, he might have been able to keep fighting. Please read this book, it is absolutely worth your time!