Managing Anxiety Tip: Bond with Nature!

In other words, get outside! I don’t mean step out into the familiarity of your yard or community, I mean get out into the (relatively) unknown! Turn off your phone and instead, dedicate a solid hour or two communicating with nature’s ‘social network’ as you make your way through a wooded trail or sit on a river bank, fishing.  

‘Bonding with nature’ means taking time to consciously absorb life’s natural energy that surrounds us. You draw that energy by listening acutely to the sounds of water flowing in a brook; leaves rustling in the wind; and birds (and other animals) announcing your presence. By feeling nature – like fresh, cold water running through your fingers; and breathing deeply, the fresh clean air our planet produces for us.  

For me, dedicating this time to bond with our natural habitat provides a momentary escape from our busy (at times, chaotic) and ‘social-network-dominated’ lives. By stepping into this natural dimension – which I call real life, you can – no, will feel both physically and mentally energized, and in turn, will become more resilient when dealing with life stressors.