430 Days!

430 days. That’s how long its been since my last stigmaCRUSH blog post! Wow!

Let me first begin with last Winter (2019), shortly after my last post. I was blindsided by what I would personally describe was an ‘extreme’ bout of anxiety. It was extreme to me because although this was not my first experience having to deal with anxiety, re my history of mental illness, it was never to this degree. 

It became chronic – spanning over the next few months into the Spring/Summer. It affected just about every aspect of my life – especially my work. It was difficult for me to focus for prolonged periods and my concentration was shot. 

Compounding this were my ‘all too familiar’ symptoms of depression which began to intensify. Luckily though, I was grounded, mentally, and was effectively able to manage these symptoms. But the anxiety, that was a struggle.

So my first step: I picked up my book (ironically!) and took that first proactive step by calling my doctor. For anyone who knows me, I have (admittingly) an irrational fear of medication – of any sort – and after years of resisting anti-depressant medication, I agreed to a prescription. Especially if it meant calming the storm of anxiety I was living in. 

With intentions of going to the pharmacy to fill it right away, instead, I went home and stuck it to the fridge. I promised myself one chance to sort this out ‘organically’ otherwise I would fill the prescription. There was no way I would allow myself to slip back down into my deep well of depression after the years of hard work I put in to climb out of it!

So long story short, I immediately began leveraging the principles in my book to fight the anxiety. Further to this, I made the difficult decision to step away from many of my passions (temporarily) in order to “lighten the load” in my life, so to speak.

This included blogging, unfortunately. I didn’t have a set date to return, but here we are. 

There is much to talk about and I will be back on schedule with weekly posts. Believe you me, I am ecstatic to be sitting in front of my stigmacrush website once again!