A small ‘ripple’ produced a tsunami of hope

ripple effecta spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

I expected that the news about my book release would make a little splash out there, but I never anticipated just how far reaching the ripples would be.

The following is a message that was shared with me yesterday, written by an acquaintance I have not heard about in 25 years. I am sharing this because it impacted me greatly. It truly speaks to the longing of sufferers to find comfort in someone; to be inspired by hope and perhaps most importantly, to be assured they are not alone.

I just saw that Jamie released his book…I’m so proud of him. Please share my message with him. As I’m sure he’s heard hundreds of times….what he has accomplished with his book is helping so many ppl.

I wanted to personally share with both of you…because you have witnessed my earlier life. I was a train wreck…have been most of my life. What I didn’t know, is that I’m bipolar. Makes sense. I can wish all I want, that i would have been treated since my teens but i was so lost in my disorder to even realize how sick i was.

There’s a comfort that comes with hearing or reading someone’s else’s story. Knowing you are not alone. It empowers us. It inspires us. There are so many of us that deal with shame, guilt, regret, due to our illness.

Some days I drown in it…sometimes I allow myself compassion for fighting an illness that has over powered me too many times. Having said all of that….Jamie….you inspired me and empowered me today and I am grateful. You are a shining star for so many.