The soapbox is built!

After close to 6 long years, my dream of writing and publishing a self-help book in depression has finally come true: “A ‘Deep Well’ Perspective for Healing in Depression” is now live and available to the world. Reflecting back on this long and at times, very difficult journey – not just in writing and editing, but in healing and coping – well, frankly, I don’t have the words. This moment in my life is surreal.

As much as I would like to gleefully check this off my ‘bucket list’ and sit back with the remote, this is not in the cards. My book is my soapbox and now it’s time to step up on it. There is much to do to combat stigma in depression and spread the message of hope in a disorder that prides itself on being hopeless. Standing on my soapbox, looking to the horizon, the future for mental wellness is shining bright!