How Severe is Your Depression?

In my book, I present a simple concept about measuring depression severity. The reality, however, is that when you go through the process that a medical professional takes to determine the presence of symptoms, you appreciate that it is far from simple, and nor is it a conceptual exercise. It is very real. I can honestly say, it was one of the most difficult experiences I ever went through in my life.

It was terrifying. As difficult as the questions were, it was a struggle to communicate the answers back to my doctor. The trembling, the twitching, the stuttering, the multiple breakdowns – it’s difficult to explain in words. At the conclusion of our session, my doctor said he was referring me for psychiatric counseling as soon as possible. In that moment, I truly realized how sick I was…and despite my repeated assurances to my wife, there was no “figuring it out” on my own.

When I left his office, I met my wife in the hallway and reached out for my three-month old son (at the time). I sat down on the bench, buried my face into his little shoulder, and bawled, flushing out whatever emotion I had left in my system.

This was my reality in measuring depression severity.