The’ Golden Rule’ for Achieving Your Goal

I dedicate a chapter in my book to goal setting – one of the seven action steps to healing in depression. Simply, when you set a goal, and are in motion striving to achieve it, you direct your attention to the future and not the past (where the source of your disorder may lie – i.e., living in the past). Obviously, you cannot look to the future and the past at the same time. It’s either, or. Focusing your sights on the future – toward a goal – while putting your past behind you (albeit, temporarily) creates tremendous leverage to combat oppressive symptoms.

Alright, so this ‘golden rule’ I speak of: To propel your progress toward achieving any goal you may be striving for, do this:

Find someone who ‘is’ where you are striving to ‘be’ and ask them ‘how’ to get there!

I am excited to say that I recently applied this golden rule for myself and I am so reaping the benefits! A number of months ago, I sent a Facebook message to this someone, humbly requesting to meet for coffee so I could pick his brain about the direction I was heading in (with respect to my public speaking ambitions). Honestly, I was not expecting a response given how busy this individual is, but I took a shot! I felt like I was spinning my tires so to speak, with respect to my future, so a little push in the right direction was all I was asking.

Long story short: he responded – and a week later (two days ago today), we were sitting in a coffee shop, sipping coffee, engaged in conversation. A number of months prior, I was sitting in the audience, watching him perform on stage. He shared his perspectives and provided some humble advice which was invaluable to me! I became excited about the direction I felt I needed to take. I left the meeting feeling inspired and incredibly motivated –more than I ever did before because this special person recognized the value in what I was striving to achieve and he communicated it back to me – in his own words.

Since then, I have doubled my blogging commitment and have booked multiple speaking engagements (via a mental health speakers’ bureau through work). My social media audience continues to grow; and I have finally launched my Men Empowering Men initiative that has been idling on the back burner for over six months.

The wheels are in motion like never before – all because I made the conscious choice to reach out to an unlikely mentor. I know with conviction that I will someday reach my goal because I followed this single, ‘golden rule’.