sKy: “stop Killing yourself”

My father died of a heart attack on April 26, 2011, a day before my birthday. He was 63. My father was overweight and did not sport the best genetic code. Since birth, the odds were seemingly against him. His first tangle with heart disease occurred in the mid-1990’s when he suffered a mild heart attack. It was a scary situation for my family.

His heart attack was a wake up call. It was time to change things in his life: lose the weight, exercise, eat properly, and live life to the fullest. At least, this was the intention and certainly an option. But unfortunately, things did not progress that way. He told me about 5 years before his death that he was taking in excess of 20 pills daily to treat his multitude of health conditions, later progressing to kidney failure. He was on dialysis the last few months of his life.

He reached the point where even if he had wanted to do everything possible to reverse the ailments, his body was too far gone to allow it. It took heart disease 17 years to kill him. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bitter towards him, towards the choices he had made regarding his health. I felt that he could have beaten this thing if he tried harder, but for some reason, he didn’t…or he couldn’t.

I was bitter, but I was also empathetic.

I was empathetic to his vulnerabilities: perhaps he lacked the knowledge and self-confidence to make the changes required in his life to beat heart disease. I know, it’s not easy. Perhaps he didn’t know how to eat properly, or how to exercise effectively, or how to stay focused and committed. Perhaps he didn’t have the self-confidence required to succeed and instead, allowed his limiting beliefs to hold him back.

I guess I’ll never know.

All I can think about are the “What if’s?” What if there was a way to bridge that gap separating the “Should do’s” from the actual “do’s!” There is an abundance of pro-health and wellness resources out there, available any time at our fingertips, but what seems to be missing in my opinion, is the “spark” to ignite resolve in our decision making. The resolve to leverage principle, not ignorance, to stop the killing, or in other words, to “stop Killing yourself”.

This is the inspiration behind this blog title I call “sKy Health”. In addition to sharing perspectives of health and wellness, my mission is to identify and share the tools and principles I believe are necessary to successfully transition our thinking and leverage the power of choice, fueled by principle-based decision making.